Di bruno bros.

For a campaigns class, we were asked to create a campaign for the famous Philly-based meats and cheese company. Being the creative head, I tried to push our boundaries. Paired with an amazing team, we came out victorious against three other teams.


Here’s how we won the business.


Nintendo Switch

For my copywriting capstone course, we were asked to pick a brand and change who their intended audience is. I chose Nintendo Switch and catered to Gen X/Boomers

because loneliness is a big problem in the

elderly which can be combatted with video games.


Here’s how I made it work.



During my time at Tierney, the interns worked on a project for GoPuff that we presented to them at the end of the summer. With the goal of attracting as many New York City folks as possible, we devised everything—from

strategy to PR.


Please email me for the password!


Here’s what the art direction intern and I did for the creative.



We were presented with a make-believe dating app that was exclusively for college students who lived near each other. Our goal was to convince students that having a significant other who lived near you was better than a long-distance relationship.

Here's my take on it.



In Copywriting for Print & Web, we were asked to make our hometown a place where people would want to move. Coming from the wonderful city of Delhi, I loved the opportunity to represent it in all its glory.

Here's how I did it.



Over 8 months at Chatterblast, I did a lot of things—wrote hundreds of social media posts, strategized for new clients, and blogged.

Here are some of those I'm most proud of.



Zoomars is a petting zoo in San Juan, Capistrano. We were tasked with creating something that resonated with the parents and the kids who just want to have some simple and sober fun.

I created a radio spot for them.


Sandy hook promise

This was a tough one. How do you get a message across through such a tragic and shocking event? And push people to pay attention without being condescending?

Here is how I made it work.


The Economist

We were tasked with writing headlines with the same sharp wit of The Economist to understand how tone works.


Here's my take.